This is a continuation of Part 1.

My lack of celebrating and taking the time to stop and enjoy life over the years is what made me commit to taking a vacation every four weeks this year. After not taking a real vacation in nearly 13 years and giving so much of myself to others, I needed to stop and give myself the time to start pouring back into myself. I am so grateful that process has begun.

We all only have so much to give away to others before the deficit for ourselves begins to take its toll. Fortunately for me, I did it while I was still whole. For some, once they actually do it, they have already compromised their health, their mind and it is too late for them to recover. If this is you, start giving yourself the time to heal yourself. Your responsibilities, your family and yourself need you to give from a place of being whole not a place of depletion.

having tea

I am so grateful it is my season to do just that. I am taking the time to live and celebrate not just the big things, but also some of the smaller, daily moments of my life.

The celebration doesn’t have to be outrageous. It can be quite small. It just needs to acknowledge that something good happened and you want to take a moment to enjoy that space and, for me, feel grateful in it.

My celebration can be as simple as getting a bubble tea and enjoying it while thinking of the celebratory event. It could be a massage, a lovely dinner out or doing something that you’d enjoy doing, but may not necessarily get the chance to do regularly. However, if you prefer to celebrate, just make the time to do it and follow through with it. Life has enough non-celebratory events on its own. So, take full advantage of the moments you have when something special and exciting occurs in your life to celebrate!


Do you feel as if you’re currently celebrating the good things that happen in your life? Or do you have some learning and growing to do around celebrating like I do?

Share with me your thoughts and experience below or on Facebook or Instagram.

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