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LeverageUp Your Life

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About Monique

Monique is a life and business strategist, author, powerful speaker and an unrelenting teacher. With over 15 years of experience as a New York attorney, Monique has advised, educated and assisted her clients in building businesses at all levels – from startups to multimillion dollar companies.

Bred from an entrepreneurial family, the serial entrepreneur has honed into the key strategies that move businesses forward and propels exponential growth.

In addition to leading workshops, retreats and speaking internationally, Monique maintains a private coaching practice working one-on-one with her business clients coaching them on everything from leveraging current relationships to overcoming challenges that are blocking their growth.

Monique is a compelling speaker with an extraordinary story of defying the odds. She has a unique ability to touch people and using her own life story she shows others what is possible to achieve in their own lives. Using all that she has learned along the way, she taps into people’s passions and desires to support them in reaching their ultimate goals – both in business and in life.

Monique has a nationally syndicated television show “Women on the Move.”

What People Are Saying About Monique’s System & Events!

“Monique is polished, knowledgeable, bold and direct. Her keen eye spotted the areas that were in need of development. She taught me how to position myself to offer more professional and lucrative services and attract more of the clientele who can benefit from what I have to offer. With her help, I was accepted by a top speaking bureau. Her coaching is the best business investment I have made in twenty-five years.”

Lynne Maureen Hurdle

Conflict Resolution Strategist

“Monique’s expertise in providing me fantastic ideas to leverage up really helped me think outside of the box. They were simple, practical yet POWERFUL strategies to allow me to further spread my message of finding freedom with food, fearless body confidence and being your own best friend internationally, while also earning more income without working harder! Thank you Monique for your amazing expertise. If you want to learn how to leverage up, Monique is your go-to person. She is so easy to talk with too!”

Rosalyn Fung

Registered Psychologist & Founder of Holistic Body Love

“Monique Manigault showed me how I could “Leverage Up” my existing skills into a profitable business as a Voice – Over teacher and a Communication Specialist, which is what I am doing now. I have launched a new website and have created two signature programs.”

Eddie Love

Radio Personality for the #1 rated NYC station, WBLS, Communication Strategist, Voice Over Coach and Speaker

“After working with Monique, I am more confident in packaging my services to fit the needs of individuals that seek step-by-step guidance throughout their fitness journey in order to hit the desirable goal. I have gained more insight in knowing how to properly brand myself and took the necessary steps to booking my first client!! I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to work closely with Monique. She is a life changer!”

Corissa McEwen

Fitness Coach

Monique’s Blog

The Top 5 Reasons Why Fear Can Block You From Your Greatest Dreams In Business and In Life – Part 2

4. It Can Make You Settle for Mediocracy. You know deep down you don’t want to settle. Everything in your body, mind and spirit tells you that you should not be satisfied with being…

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Fear Can Block You From Your Greatest Dreams In Business and In Life – Part 1

Where you want to go in your business or life is not about something external. It is solely about who and what you have to become to get there. I believe your greatest successes in life can be…

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A Woman’s Worth

The worth of a woman was a very interesting topic when I was asked to be a part of the Santita Jackson and Friends Show earlier this week. Santita Jackson is the oldest daughter of civil rights activist, Jesse Jackson. The show was taped at the legendary Rainbow Push Headquarters…

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