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Can you imagine what you could accomplish in your business and your life if you were personally mentored by Monique and her team?

If you are ready to LeverageUp Your Business™ and LeverageUp Your Life™, then these programs are exactly what you have been looking for to get you there.

From online classes and live training to personal one-on-one mentoring, Monique offers a variety of levels for you to learn the strategies, tools and methods to catapult your business.


LeverageUp™ Your Business

Are you tired of the amount of time it’s taking you to grow your business? Are you exhausted trying to figure out what you should be doing, where to focus your time and where to invest your money?

LeverageUp™ Your Business is a carefully crafted program created after years of experience in advising business owners and companies on the necessary areas of their business to focus on for maximum profits.

After years of studying from some of the best in the business and advising clients, Monique developed this program focusing on the core areas of attention necessary for exponential growth in a business within the shortest amount of time.

Learn more about LeverageUp™ Your Business here.


LeverageUp™ Your Life

For those who are tired of running around on the hamster wheel doing the same thing, expecting different results and not getting anywhere, Monique’s LeverageUp™ Your Life program gives you the foundational elements necessary to make the ultimate necessary changes to put you on the path of your dreams.

Using the major focal points Monique used to transform her own life, she takes you through the step-by-step journey that is essential to begin to move your dreams into reality.

Contact us to apply for the LeverageUp™ Your Life program.

Intensive VIP Days

Can you imagine the power of shifting the trajectory of your business or you life in just ONE day? Well, that is the power of a VIP Day with Monique.

One VIP Day can give you what would normally take months of coaching. Once the day is over, you will be empowered with a strategic plan of how to proceed in all areas of your business and/or your life and the tools to do it.

For only the most determined individuals, VIP Days offer you the ability to forge ahead at a rapid pace and prepare you to blaze forward in your business or your life with a strategic plan for success.

Contact us to schedule an Intensive VIP Day.

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Monique Manigault LLC
Life’s signs and messages come from absolutely everywhere and if you are open and aware enough to receive them and follow them, they will lead you to places you never even knew to dream of! Yoga and meditation were founded in Asia. That may not mean anything to you, but to me it makes the energy in Asia different. The atmosphere reflects what comes from its earth and it speaks to me on a multitude of levels.#leverageupyourlife #lifestylecoach #moniquemanigault #lifepurpose #selflove #lifecoach ... See MoreSee Less
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There will be seasons in owning a business where you’ll have a lot of wins and there will be certainly seasons when you’ll have a lot of losses. You have to be able to adjust and maneuver to whatever is happening in your business and you have to be equally able to recover from setbacks that occur as well. #moniquemanigault #businessstrategist #leverageupyourbusiness #businesscoach #businessmentor #soulpreneur #calledtobecreative #savvybusinessowner ... See MoreSee Less
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