It is two months after the initial quarantine across much of the US and I am still hearing from business owners who are waiting on the sidelines to see when it will be time for them to restart their businesses. Although according to the medical experts, it can be at the earliest 12-18 months before there is any normalcy found as it relates to the need to no longer social distance.

If we are fortunate enough globally to have a vaccine, the earliest it could be delivered to the masses in America is estimated at least 12 to 18 months from now. So what is a business owner of a company to do who has completely dried up financially during this corona season?


There is only one thing to do and that is to pivot. What do you mean by that you ask? You must now select another way to create revenue in your current business until this season is over. This does not mean that you will never be able to go back to your primary revenue streams of the past. What it does mean is that you are not going to wait until that moment comes again to start bringing in income. Because right now, we have a new, semi-permanent normal to contend with.

Even during regular times, when things were “normal,” companies were forced to pivot and re-create themselves. The ones that didn’t soon passed away.

Examples of these are Toys “R” Us®, Blockbusters®, Sears® and the list goes on. Why is pivoting, reinventing and adjusting required? Because life is ever-changing. Businesses are ever-changing. Your customer is ever-changing. The world and society are ever-changing. And if you do not change with them, you will soon have nothing to change at all. Because before you know it, your business will be done.

This is not unlike our regular lives. Our lives are constantly changing. We are constantly evolving. And when we do, we have to change the things that are no longer working for us and find the new things that produce the results and breeds the new elements we want to call forth in our lives.


Business is the same. We have to find new ways to attract potential clients and customers. We have to find new problems to solve. We have to evolve with technology, society and time. And if we don’t, we will be left on the sidelines while evolution passes us by.

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