Giving Back

teamwork-handsWe believe information is power. We also believe that it is the responsibility of all of us to help those around us in need of assistance.

Through our One for One matching program for every product that we sell, we give the same product away to someone in need.

Our One for One matching program is our commitment to do our part in giving all people access to vital information that has the power to change their lives.

Although our one-on-one private coaching programs are the only products excluded from the One for One program due to time restrictions, a portion of every coaching program is donated to help support those in need. So not only are you able to give yourself the information but you are also giving the gift of assisting someone else who would otherwise not be able to receive the information.

Our sincerest gratitude in assisting us in that mission.

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19 hours ago

Monique Manigault LLC

I am always astonished at how #entrepreneurs with no business education or previous experience think that they are supposed to be able to find #success in business simply by starting one. ... See MoreSee Less

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Are Full Time and Part Time #entrepreneurs Created Equal? I Think Not.

Specifically, I thought of the difference between full-time entrepreneurs versus entrepreneurs with a day gig. Are they equal or are they innately different?...
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