All entrepreneurs are not equal. They are not all the same. I was recently thinking about entrepreneurs versus non entrepreneurs. How entrepreneurs think differently, behave differently, dream differently, grind differently. And while I was thinking about that another question crossed my mind.

Are all entrepreneurs the same? Specifically, I thought of the difference between full-time entrepreneurs versus entrepreneurs with a day gig? Are they equal or are they innately different?


I think they are very different. Both types of entrepreneurs can understand particular experiences. They both understand how to see something other than what currently exists. They understand that by doing something different, you can create something that never existed before that is self sustaining. But what is uniquely different is that the part time entrepreneur will never know or understand the level of the grind and the impact of it if they always remain part-time.

I often say that some of my best, most successful clients are those that lost their jobs. And the reason they are more successful is because they have a different kind of grind. Especially the ones that take care of their families. There is no back up plan. They have to make it work. Their lives and their family’s lives depend on it. And when that occurs, a new something deep down on the inside comes to life in a different way that a part-time entrepreneur really can’t understand at the same level.


Before you’ll start posting, I’m not suggesting that one is better than the other. They are both entrepreneurs. Both with the opportunity to do and create amazing things, but that full-time, only time, all consumed and absorbed 24/7 entrepreneur is a different type of beast. And until that part-time entrepreneur, becomes a full-time, all-time entrepreneur, they will never really understand the depths of what it truly means to be an all consumed, all in and at risk, full blazing entrepreneur.

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