Lately, life has been quite busy for me. We just wrapped up taping Women on the Move in Chicago. The current episode features some very interesting women from Lynette Butler, who was the #1 bounty hunter in the country, to Cynthia DiBartolo, a Wall Street titan who, due to a rare cancer, had to have her tongue reconstructed and learn how to speak again.



It is always wonderful preparing for the show. Knowing that the work we do can touch so many peoples’ lives and provide them with inspiration and motivation to run on a little further in their own lives is such an amazing blessing to me.

I have been determined to include more downtime in my life in 2018. As a recovering workaholic, I have to force downtime into my schedule to ensure that it actually occurs. Last Christmas, after not going on vacation for 13 years, I decided to go out of the country on vacation during the holidays. At that time, I made a declaration to myself that every month in 2018 I would go away near or far to give myself the needed break of relaxation for a few days so I can be restored.

If you do not make yourself a priority, no one else will. So, I decided to start making myself my top priority.

I made the pledge to go away every month before accepting my new television job. However, I am very happy to report that I have been able to stick to my commitment even with the other demands of my life and time.



One of my recent trips was to Hawaii. Hawaii is one of my all time favorite places in the world and being there is always so soothing to my soul. I adore the people. I love the food. I love the history. And I love its amazing beautiful views. I will be returning there later this year for the Revenue Revolution Tour and I just can’t wait to get back there!



By far, the biggest thing going on right now in my life is this blog! And what a big deal it is! Between writing the blog articles and doing photo shoots, it seems as if I’m always doing something for it even if I’m just thinking about it in preparation. I can feel my limbs being stretched in the midst of it all. Be careful what you ask for, the universe just might oblige you. But I must admit, even in the challenge of staying on top of all the things associated with it, I am ever growing and I am having a ball!

What steps do you take in your life currently to prioritize yourself and the things that help to fuel you? If your answer is nothing, what do you plan to start doing to incorporate it into your life? We all need some me time to restore.

I would love to hear from you!

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