I have been in the process of learning a few things lately. Not in the area of business where I am always learning or the area of life lessons which is a never ending journey, but to be quite honest in an area which seems to be a bit remedial to me.

After years of going from one crisis to the next, celebrating just wasn’t something I’ve been concerned with doing. From dealing with the fallout from the recession to having a period of double digit family losses to dealing with the niece I raised having a traumatic brain injury, contemplating celebrations was just not on the list of the important things to do in my life.

However, a new season has bloomed. Tragedies and traumas don’t last forever and when your new season comes in, you can’t taint it with the spirit of your past seasons.


What I now acknowledge is that I don’t really celebrate good things that occur in my life. The reality is that I didn’t really do much celebrating even before those incidents occurred. The last event I really remember celebrating was graduating from law school, which was nearly 20 years ago. In recent years for my birthday, I wouldn’t really do anything unless my dear friend Stephanie forced me to go somewhere with her.

I talk about celebrating with my clients and the importance of enjoying life, but the fact of the matter is, I have not organically felt so inclined to ever really do it for myself. That was until now. While recently speaking with someone who works with me, she discussed my lack of celebrating. So, we agreed that it is time for me to start.


We also talked about how hard I am on myself and my very high standards. She told me that I have accomplished more in 1 year than most of the business owners she knows. And that I don’t really think it’s a big deal. She’s right. I don’t.

Those words were familiar to me, because just the other day, a lovely 18 year old named Savannah that I had recently met told me that I’ve achieved more in my life than most people do in a lifetime. That was such an interesting comment to me shared from an 18 year old.

For me, I just know the work that lies ahead. So, I am constantly looking forward instead of spending any time looking at what has or is being accomplished. I am actually perfectly fine with that. But sometimes, every now and then, I need to take a break from achieving and just do some living and celebrating.

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