At a recent speaking engagement filled with entrepreneurs, I talked about the importance of marketing and how it is essential to the life and growth of your business. After the event, I was in a session with one of the attendees and she shared with me how a colleague of hers was doing so well in her business with tons of customers and how she was not. The attendee also shared that her colleague was using Facebook ads to market her business, which was helping it to grow tremendously.


She then went on to ask me if there was any hope for her business, or if she was just at a dead-end? I chuckled before responding then said, “Tell me what you think? Do you think you are at a dead-end in your business?”

The reason I posed the question back to her was because she had just described to me what her colleague was doing, which was the complete opposite of what she was doing, but then wondered if there was hope for her to grow her business. The answer was of course she could grow her business!

Businesses are only at dead-ends because their owners are at a dead-end and they didn’t evolve or grow themselves enough to grow their businesses. She spends absolutely no time nor money into marketing her business, but expects and desires the results of someone who does. That is completely illogical. And unfortunately, this is what the majority of entrepreneurs do. They expect tremendous results with little to no marketing efforts at all.

There are nearly 500,000 new businesses started each month in the US. If you do not emerge from the millions of other businesses out there, no one, including potential clients and customers, will even know that you exist.


I am always amazed by how entrepreneurs believe that they’re supposed to get tremendous results without any of the necessary work to get them there. Business does not work like that. It is essential that you market your business so that people know who you are, what you have to offer and the value your business offers to those who need to solve the problem your business was created to solve.

It is most important to market your business before your bank account hits zero. You have to market before your revenue is low. You have to create a system that allows you to have ongoing marketing strategies and systems in place that are working in your business consistently so that your cash flow is never jeopardized.

All marketing options are not costly, some are actually free. But you must first learn the strategies and systems that are necessary to market your business to bring in new clients and customers in your business and to produce the revenue you desire to see in your business.

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