This is a continuation of Part 1.

#2 Learn the Power of No and Connect it to What Brings You Joy

I have never had a problem saying no. It has never been something that has been difficult for me. But what I’ve learned to do with that word in recent years is to use it in a way to help to reduce some of the stress and obligations in my life.

I am constantly and consistently overwhelmed with things to do. There are lots of things I would love to do, but there is just not enough time in the day for me to do them. So years ago, I decided to only say yes to the things that make me feel good and no to everything else. If there’s any question about whether I would enjoy doing it or want to do it, I simply say no. I have learned to lead with no. If I later decide to do it, once I see that I have my priorities done, then I will. But I don’t set it up in a way that requires me to do it, because that puts way too much pressure and stress on me to get it done.

I cannot tell you the level of joy I have received in practicing this. I simply start with a no. Then, once I have time to review what’s possible in relation to all of the other things I have to do, and/or want to do, I can decide to change my mind and do it. But I no longer have the stress or pressure to feel as if I have to do everything. This one principal in and of itself has created tremendous amounts of joy and happiness on a daily basis for me in my life.


I also do this with the things that I buy. If I don’t love it, I don’t buy it. With a very small exception in the event that I absolutely need something for work, if I don’t love it, it is definitely a no. I have never been one to do a tremendous amount of shopping, but when I do, this is now a principle I live by. And what that does is create a tremendous amount of joy in what I do have and eliminates what I don’t need and/or want.

If you eliminate all of the things that don’t feed you, you’ll have more time to put into all of the things that do.

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