Failure is among one of the most undesirable occurrences in people’s lives.

When people have what the world considers a failure, it will often paralyze them. It can keep them from moving forward and reaching their goals. It is a death killer to dreams.

But what I’ve learned from so called failure, is that there isn’t such a thing as failure at all. If you take the lessons from what has occurred, you will learn that those lessons were mandatory, even essential to get you where you needed to go.



The world calls it a failure. I call it a fantastic opportunity to succeed, because you got another necessary piece to the puzzle for what is required.

When I think about all of the things I would not be doing today, if I allowed so called failures to stop me, I could weep. I could weep, because it would have been such a disruption to my life’s plan.

All of those alleged failures were part of God’s plan for me. If I had given up long ago, I would have self-sabotaged my own divine destiny.

I often think about all of those who have somehow sabotaged or delayed their own life’s blessings, because they believed they somehow failed and they allowed it to stop them.

You cannot allow failure to block you, nor stop you. You have to simply adjust, course correct and continue moving ahead.



The best course in life to succeed is to abandon daily what is no longer working for you. Try out a new way of being, a new way of doing and see what results are produced.

You want to fail yourself forward and do it often, because every time you do it and there’s an alleged failure, you have the necessary information you need to go even further than you did the last time.

And before you know it, if you keep pressing forward, you will ultimately, undoubtedly cross your ultimate finish line.

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