This is a continuation of Part 1.

I have had to deal with a great amount of fear in my own life. So, what I know for sure about it is that there’s no way to get to the other side of it without facing it and working through it head on.

For me, one of my greatest fears was around writing, because of the words of a teacher many years ago. That sentence of only five words, “you have a writing problem” would sink me into a writing depression that lasted for well over a decade of my life. But what I know now, on the other side of that experience, is that it was nothing but a tremendous blessing in disguise for me. In later years, my writings would become the model for other students to study and follow when writing their own papers.


If I didn’t find the courage to walk through that test, I would have never received the abundance of blessings on the other side of that fear and they have been bountiful. They include becoming an attorney, writing books, writing for news programs, writing as a newspaper reporter, writing for my current television show, Women on the Move, and even writing for this blog. You see, had I not found the courage to address and fight through the fear of writing, all of the blessings to come from it would not currently exist as part of my life.


Although it may seem difficult at times, even impossible, what I want you to know for sure is that anything is possible if you have faith (even if it’s borrowed at times), if you are willing to show up to do the work and if you are willing to fight your way to the other side. I absolutely believe that some of your greatest blessings in this life are waiting for you there.

For more information on fear, download a free resource here.

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