This is a continuation of Part 1.

3. My Business Allows Me to Call Anywhere Home

I am so very grateful that nearly 20 years ago I decided to build a life with businesses that would allow me to be and live anywhere in the world. It was very important to me to not feel tied down to any one place, but be able to go wherever I wanted to go and I went about what was necessary to make that dream a reality. It was as if my future life was calling into being all that was needed for my future living.

It took a lot of time, dedication and education to create and build web-based businesses, but it is one of the smartest and best decisions I ever made in this life. It has allowed me the ability to be anywhere in the world, to work from anywhere and to spend extended time anywhere without worry or concern about anything anywhere else. I still have brick and mortar offices, but if I never go back to them again, my businesses can continue to thrive without them.


4. It’s Yoga and Meditation’s Birthplace

The fundamental pillars of my life can be found in my spirituality, yoga and meditation practices. If I have nothing else, I will always have those 3 things to find rest in.

Yoga and meditation were founded in Asia. That may not mean anything to you, but to me it makes the energy in Asia different. The atmosphere reflects what comes from its earth and it speaks to me on a multitude of levels.

I am preparing to finally take the time to do my yoga instructor certification in India and I can’t wait to learn even more about the teachings of my beloved practice and in the origins of its creation.

I am also excited about visiting the world’s very first Yoga University where they use yoga to treat all types of diseases that bring havoc to the human body.


5. My Vision Board Confirmed Everything!

Now really this is the most unbelievable part of all! I had already decided about living between NY and Asia after spending my 2 months there, but what I wasn’t expecting was that my vision board would confirm it all when I arrived back home!

To be perfectly honest, I am not even into creating vision boards. I create visions in my head and bring them to manifestation without any external forces, but about 6 years ago I decided to just make one after hearing so many people talk about them. It is posted on my wall around the mirror in my bedroom.

I used to meditate over it daily, but I hadn’t done it in several years. Actually, about a month before I left for Asia, I looked at the board and laughed because really nothing but perhaps one major item had manifested from the board after all of this time.

Well, the joke was on me! When I walked into my bedroom upon returning and looked at the board, nearly 35 of the 40 items listed were manifested over the past 60 days in Asia! From activities I did to places I went, even down to my layovers on my flights! It was all there! I just broke out in tears, because I couldn’t even believe my own eyes of confirmation!

Life’s signs and messages come from absolutely everywhere and if you are open and aware enough to receive them and follow them, they will lead you to places you never even knew to dream of!

If you are interested in experiencing Asia for yourself, join me as I host a group of entrepreneurs for a Mastermind in Bangkok from October 10th – 13th. Spots are filling fast. Learn all about our upcoming Asian adventure at

If you are interested in building an internet based business that allows you the freedom to go where ever your heart desires without having your business suffer, just send us an email at telling us the business and life of your dreams and we can assist you with the steps to make it a reality.

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