“Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” is a television show I enjoy watching from time to time. The premise of the show is to support couples in being more conscious of the issues in their relationships and to help them do the necessary work around it for their relationships to improve.

It is really interesting to see the different exercises that are given to the couples for them to be able to overcome challenges in their relationships and to expose different aspects that they aren’t necessarily able to see on their own.

I normally only watch the show when there are people on it that I like. For this season, that compelling person for me was Pauly from the MTV mega hit “Jersey Shore.”


I never watched “Jersey Shore” when it first came on years ago, but since its record-breaking splash back on television, I have been somewhat consumed with it.

Because I can’t watch a show that has previous episodes I haven’t seen, I binge watched all of the previous episodes of the original show from the beginning so I could learn all the dynamics and previous relations with the cast mates.

It is so interesting to see the cast members’ evolution from who they were 10 years ago to who they are today. I happen to really like Pauly. So, when I saw he was appearing on this season of Marriage Bootcamp I thought I would watch it.


One of my friends, Rachel who happens to be a couples therapist, and I usually do a recap of the show when we are both watching the same season. So, I get to enjoy it first by watching the airing of the show and then by discussing the relationship issues and the impact of them with Rachel. Our relationship conversations can last for hours. I think to date our record is over 6 hours!

I am always intrigued to discover new ways of evolving and growing individually and in a relationship. Although I am not married at this time, I believe there are lessons and takeaways that can be used currently in my life and moving forward.

“Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” airs on Fridays 9/8 Central on WeTV.

Check out Part 2 of this article on Monday.

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