True faith is the belief or trust in things unseen.

You can have faith in a loved one, faith in yourself, faith in a higher being and faith in things yet to come in your life. But faith first starts with believing in something that is ultimately intangible.

Many otherwise very difficult accomplishments were achieved by people that would not have occurred without them first having the faith that the ultimate, desired outcome would avail.


Faith allows you to bottle up your concerns, your worries and anxieties around a situation and place it in something far greater than yourself, far greater than your own mind’s understanding so that you can just focus on the present experience, the goal, the mission and whatever is necessary and required to get you there.

When you are working on something that you need to overcome, it is most important to focus your energies on the ultimate goal and the necessary steps to get you to it. If you focus on all the possible mishaps and challenges, you will be doing a tremendous disservice to yourself and your desired results.

Being able to focus on those elements that will push you further will be key and essential to your progress. You must shake off the self-doubt, the negative talk and the words of the naysayers so that you can be laser focused on precisely what your next steps are to get you where you want to be.


If you allow faith to fulfill its purpose, you can lean into it and not consume yourself with unnecessary fears and doubts.

A worrying mind never produces positive results. All it does is create unnecessary internal anguish for you mentally, emotionally and physically. Many illnesses are born because of people’s uneasy minds from worries and stress.

The next time you’re facing something that’s far greater than you can imagine, simply make the best determination possible based on the information at hand and then just lean on faith to give you the necessary stamina to see you through.

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