Angel investing is a powerful way for entrepreneurs to fund their businesses. One of the major reasons why businesses don’t succeed is due to the lack of capital.

Angel investors are often wealthy individuals who are interested in investing seed money or capital to expand a business. Many are interested in bringing certain ideas and innovation to fruition.


Some angel investors love to contribute their expertise to the businesses they invest in. Some have already created successful businesses and have a tremendous amount of business experience they want to share. Others may not have the expertise, but could be interested in learning. Whatever the interest of the angel investor, it is important to know exactly what their expectation is as it relates to being a part of the company their money is helping to support.

Most angel investors require ownership in your business in exchange of their investment, while others do not. Some may require you to pay a particular investment return without requiring shares. You are able to negotiate and structure the best deal for yourself and your business. But just remember, if you are in need of the funds, the investor has the upper hand. They will have a significant advantage when structuring the deal for your company. There are tons of companies seeking out investors. You are not the only viable business opportunity in town.

Many angel investors focus on specific industries and sectors. Some may only be interested in women-owned businesses or tech, but whatever the type of investor, do your research to make sure you have the angel investor and investment that is best for you.


Finding the right angel investor can be difficult. It’s going to take much more time and effort than you may anticipate. So, make sure to give yourself a significant amount of time to search for one.

Once you find one, you’ll want to make sure you complete your due diligence before signing any agreements. I advise you to seek out a corporate attorney to assist you in the process and ensure it is the best deal for you. Do not wait until the last minute to do this. Bring the attorney in early as the right one will help you to avoid a ton of pitfalls in this process.

I have seen countless investment deals go bad. So, you’ll want to do whatever is possible to put yourself in the best position at the beginning. Otherwise, it can be a huge liability to yourself and ultimately your business in the end.

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