We all have different experiences and challenges to break through in our lives. Life without challenges is simply not life at all. But what’s important to do is to take the lessons you learn and use them to move forward in all areas of your life.

Although we all have challenges to break through, when and if we actually do often depends on our willingness to take the necessary steps to make it happen.


You can have a breakthrough in your business. You can have a breakthrough in your personal life. A breakthrough can occur for you professionally. However it occurs, it is important to use it as momentum to get you where you ultimately desire to be.

Breakthroughs don’t normally happen on their own. Most often they require you to initiate some type of action or work to help you get there.

Sometimes it doesn’t look as if you’re getting anywhere. Sometimes it doesn’t look as if there is anything shifting. But if you keep putting one foot in front of the other and doing the required work, one day you’ll look up and see that you’re on the other side of your breakthrough.


Breakthroughs are often times seen as an illusion to people, because many don’t believe they will actually experience it in their own lives, especially for those things that are most important to them. They only know about them abstractly without really feeling as if one is in their future.

Well, I am here to tell you that your breakthrough is coming. Your breakthrough is doable. Your breakthrough is possible. But you must first have the commitment to see it through.

It will feel uncomfortable at times. It will feel unbearable. It will feel impossible. But stay committed to the end for you never know just how far or how close you are to your ultimate breakthrough.

Some of our greatest blessings are found on the other side of our breakthroughs.

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