It is critically important that we find places and spaces which speak to our inner being. A space that allows us to get a break from all the noise that consumes us during the hectic, chaotic days of our normal lives. Although not intentional, our consumed living takes a toll on us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We need a safe space to be able to pour back into ourselves and to restore ourselves anew.

Stillness is extremely important to me. It is when I’m able to quiet my mind and receive the necessary information I need to proceed.

I sometimes find such stillness at the ocean. The ocean soothes me. It soothes my soul. I love going to it when I need to just check in with myself and my world. It is one of the best places for me to find my stillness.


Another great place for me to tap into my stillness is when I run. I know this seems very odd because I am in movement, but it is indeed a stilling space for me. I call running my moving meditation. As I’m running, any potential heaviness that can consume me subsides. I can be freed from work, commitments, deadlines and the overwhelming elements that can be heavy to carry at times.

When I’m in my stillness, lots of great ideas and concepts come to me. It is often in our free time when inspiration can truly find us and make itself known. I keep a journal of all the great ideas that come to me when I run. It’s very interesting to reflect on it at a later time. These ideas would never come to me at any other time without being in the space of stillness, even moving stillness.

If you are open, stillness has a magical way of allowing you to contemplate the most important aspects of your life and release the thoughts and ideas which no longer serve you. It supports the renewing of your body, mind and spirit to fly higher, to go further, to dig deeper.


Depending on where you are, finding stillness can be an ever daunting task. But once you have become practiced in it for a while, you can literally find stillness in the most non-stilling environments.

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