What an interesting question to ask. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of American business. Small businesses are the engine of the US economy and account for the creation of the majority of new jobs in the country. Some of the greatest minds of our time are entrepreneurs. Many believe entrepreneurs are born with certain skills, abilities and characteristics that give them an advantage to succeed as an entrepreneur. Others believe absolutely not. They think that many or all of the skills required to be a successful entrepreneur can be taught. I happen to believe the answer is both.

I believe there are people that are born entrepreneurs. It’s just in their blood – their DNA. These are individuals who regardless of their environment or exposure, they were just born with the natural attributes to become a successful entrepreneur. What are those qualities you might ask? There are many, but some of the essential ones are determination, tenacity, problem-solving and creativity. You don’t have to have equal amounts of each, but you must have an abundance of the most vital ones. Those would be around endurance, perseverance and grit.

The road of entrepreneurship is not an easy one to travel, so you must have an unrelenting commitment to see it through.



Even with that, I absolutely believe that you can be taught many important skills required to be a successful business owner and entrepreneur. These teachings can make an entrepreneur soar. Many of these are related to business principles and leadership.

I often think of myself when reflecting on this topic. Has my serial entrepreneurial journey come from what was already inside of me or was it developed from being raised in a home of entrepreneurs? My first jobs were working in my family businesses – parking garages and working on homes to rent. My dinner table conversations were around the stock market and what types of businesses could be created to fill the gaps in particular areas.

I certainly don’t believe that those elements in my life were meaningless. But I definitely don’t think I would have been able to do it had there not been some of the vital characteristics already inside of me to draw from, such as an undying will to persevere. Entrepreneurship can be grueling. It is not a trek for the weary. So, if you don’t possess some of these fundamental components already, you very possibly may not endure. And those are characteristics that are very difficult to teach, if they are even teachable at all.



I think the best entrepreneurs are the ones that are smart enough and wise enough to know that whether you were born an entrepreneur or you developed into one the smartest and most effective entrepreneurs are those who know you must continue to learn and grow as an entrepreneur. You cannot just rest on your laurels.

Regardless of how you became an entrepreneur, if you don’t understand the critical importance of continuing to expand in that role, you will be doomed to run into tremendous challenges, setbacks and often defeats as a result of you simply being left behind. You will be at a huge disadvantage, because the world, including business, continues to evolve.

If you are not willing to keep up and expand your mind, you will essentially remove yourself completely from the entrepreneurship lane.



Which do you think? Are entrepreneurs born or are they made?

I can’t wait to read your comments!

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