What If They Were Our Last Words to Someone?

What If They Were Our Last Words to Someone?

Communicating with those we love and care about can be both quite interesting and challenging at times. Using our words, we can choose to use the ones that help to inspire or we can choose the ones that cause discomfort and pain. We can use them to uplift others or we can use them to bring them down. But when we love and care about people, we want to make sure that we are very conscious about the words we use with them and how they will affect them emotionally.

I was recently in a meeting with a married couple I work with. The wife was annoyed with the husband regarding a particular matter and her communication with him during the meeting was reflective of it. After the meeting, I told her how harsh she was speaking to him. She told me it wasn’t her intention, but clearly she was feeling some negative emotions related to him that made her words with him quite harsh.


I shared with her the importance of being very clear in her words and allowing them to reflect her heart and not her pain. It is important to be able to relay your negative feelings as well, but not repeatedly once they have already been expressed.

We all do this at times. As I was talking to her, I was also talking to myself. Sometimes we are consumed with the moments of our lives and the situations in our lives when we are not the most loving and kind with our words. But what if they were our last words to someone?

We never know the day or time when our current words will actually be our final words to someone – our last days or the last days of those to whom we are speaking to.


So, let’s all be very mindful of the words we use to reflect the feelings we share and the memories we are creating for ourselves, for our loved ones and for those we come across along the way.

There is healing and power in our words. Let’s allow them to uplift and support others rather than use them to bring others and their spirits down.

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