Why Charleston Will Always Be Special to Me – Part 1

Why Charleston Will Always Be Special to Me – Part 1

Charleston, South Carolina is a very special place to me. Not just because I have a ton of family there as my father is from there, but because Charleston has so much history connected to my family.

Literally, everywhere I turn, I am reminded of something connected to my lineage.


As I was standing on the steps of City Hall in the above photo, I noticed tourists stopping to read the plaque that was on the side of the building. Interested in what they were reading, I walked over to see what it said. To my surprise, it listed the architect of the building who was named, Gabriel Manigault.


There is a museum in Charleston named, The Joseph Manigault House. It was the home of Joseph Manigault. The Manigault House (also designed by Gabriel) is nationally acclaimed as a well-executed example of Adam style, an 18th century neoclassical movement of architecture.

In Charleston, there is an abundance of American history as well. From the slave market to the Battery. Not all of it is positive American history, but it certainly is important American history.


When my very hectic schedule permits, I will spend some time there researching and documenting in some way. For now, I will rely on the research of others.


One of my favorite places to go for lunch in Charleston is Magnolia’s.

I enjoy everything there from their fried green tomatoes to ahi tuna. There is something there for everyone. There are so many cute eateries in Charleston. As the city has evolved, you have your choice of cuisine you can indulge in. My last meal while there was Korean! Years ago, you would not have been able to find Korean food there, but now you can. Although, I am sure most people visiting are most interested in good ‘ol southern cuisine, which you can find everywhere.

One of my all time favorite things to do in Charleston, which I did for decades, would have been to go to the landmark boutique, Nancy’s on King Street. Nancy’s was my favorite boutique in the world. Unfortunately for me, I am not able to go there anymore, as one of my dearest friends, Nancy closed the shop after being in business for over 30 years (lookout for an upcoming interview with her). But if I was going through Charleston, even if just for a few hours, I was sure to make a stop there.


Be sure to check out my next post where I will continue sharing why Charleston will always be special to me.

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