What Does It All Really Mean?

What Does It All Really Mean?

People will do almost anything for money. That refers to monumental things as well as minute things. The question for today is what do you value and what exactly are you willing to sacrifice for it?

I was recently talking to a friend who is an executive at a startup. She shared with me how overwhelmed she’s been and her inability to balance being the mother she wants to be with being the executive she’s forced to be.

She talked about not having enough time with her children and the 24/7 requirements of her position. She said her toddler recently said to her, “Mom, I love when we go on vacation, because you actually talk to me.”


I asked her what that meant to her and what she was going to do about it. She said that her children don’t care about having a nanny. They want the time from her and her husband. I said that children don’t care about all the stuff that we have. They’d rather have less stuff and more time with her. She said although they don’t care about the stuff, she really wanted to be an executive in her career.

What did it really mean when she started the conversation with all that really matters are the people in our lives? Because now when the opportunity is revealed, making the “people’s” decision appears difficult.

If your children feel you can’t even talk to them regularly, perhaps it’s time for the million dollar house to go and a more affordable house is purchased for the sanctity of your children’s rearing, your own peace of mind and your life.

We often are the creators of the overwhelming burdens we face in our lives.


Imagine if we did something different. Imagine if we just focused on what truly mattered and nothing else, instead of focusing on what we thought mattered. What an amazing, rewarding life we could all create for ourselves.

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