The Real Spirit of the Season

The Real Spirit of the Season

As many of us are preparing to travel to family and friends for the holiday, hopefully we are all able to take a little bit of time to slow down our very busy lives to spend some time with those who are most important to us.

Whether you are traveling near, far, or remaining at home, it is a blessing to be able to share such a special time with those who mean the most to us. The holidays offer a wonderful opportunity to slow down, reflect on our lives, the year, our current time and what’s most important.


Your family may consist of those who are your biological relatives or it can be made up of those who are not biologically related, but are emotionally connected to you as family. Whichever it is doesn’t matter, what’s most crucial is that we have those special people in our lives to share life with.

Traveling for the holidays can be quite consuming and often times overwhelming for many. Remember to stay focused on what’s important so that the hectic moments of traveling and the season doesn’t overcome you with unnecessary stress and burdens.

Although many get caught up in the retail therapy and materialism of this soon to be time of the year, it is most important to stay focused on the true purpose and reason for the season.

help others

I always try to spend some extra time during this season with those who are less fortunate to spread some joy and happiness to many who are in need. Although I do it throughout the year, I try to make an extra effort to bring joy to someone who may not otherwise be able to experience it during this time of the year.

Wherever it is you are going or whatever it is you are doing, be sure to take with you the spirit of the season – kindness, compassion, love and joy – to not only spread to those you consider your family and friends, but also remembering to spread a little to those who you don’t know at all.

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