A Magical Night at Carnegie Hall

A Magical Night at Carnegie Hall

I just love the Christmas season, especially in New York City. There’s no place like it during Christmas. It always feels so magical this time of the year and the season seems to make people everywhere much nicer and kinder than at other times. Walking the New York City streets with all of the holiday lights is such a beautiful experience that every adult and child should have at least once.


I was able to spend a wonderful evening at Carnegie Hall for Sing! An Irish Christmas concert with Keith and Kristyn Getty. The Gettys are preeminent modern hymn writers. The concert was simply fabulous! They featured many special guests, including guitar sensation, Phil Keaggy. His guitar playing is phenomenal. Kristyn’s angelic voice accompanied most of the songs. The Gettys are known for writing hymns that were sung around the world. Not only was their event fabulous, but they are both individually and collectively so intrinsically beautiful from within.

I had the opportunity to chat with them after the performance and at another event earlier in the week. At the other event, Keith talked about his process in writing songs and how it often becomes a collaborative affair. Kristyn talked about how an idea for a song can sometimes be inspired by a sermon or a discussion with their pastor. It was very interesting to hear Keith discuss the collaborative impact and the value that others can bring.


The Gettys have the Sing! conference every year in Nashville, Tennessee which encourages churches, individuals and communities to come together to sing.

Getty Music is an organization committed to creating modern hymns for the 21st-century church. Sing! is an initiative by the Getty’s to help individuals and churches deepen their faith through singing. Both Getty Music as well as the Sing! initiative promote theology, classic artistry and intergenerational singing for families and churches around the world.

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