The Power of Reinvention

The Power of Reinvention

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you have to reinvent yourself.

Life is lived in many seasons. And before a new season can begin, the current season must end.

Life will give you plenty of opportunities to try something new, to evolve, to grow, expand to another place of being and to move forward in a way that only reinventing yourself can create.


Often reinvention occurs only after a disappointment, a loss, a perceived failure, the forcing of the hand to push someone from where they currently are into a new space of living. However, you can create reinvention all on your own the moment you decide that where you currently are no longer serves you.

Change can happen in a moment. The moment you finally decide that your fear of the unknown is far less threatening than the pain of where you currently live now.

It first starts with a deep desire for something different. A knowing that something else is awaiting you. Then you put together the steps to get you to your end goal. Sometimes you may not have a specific end goal in mind, but you know that it’s time for something different, something better, something other than your current existence. So, you just begin to take small steps moving forward.

Trust that the universe will guide you to exactly where you are suppose to be. And before you know it, you are living the life you only once dreamed of.


Many amazing discoveries happen all because someone ignited the courage inside her/himself to walk the path of reinvention.

You may not be able to do it on your own. You may need to seek the guidance, support and expertise of someone in certain areas to assist you. It doesn’t matter what it takes. The future you is calling you to get there.

It is never too late for reinvention. Reinvention is not precluded by age. You’re never too old or too young to experience yourself a new. As long as there is breath, an idea, an opportunity, a dream, there is space for the next great reinvention in your life to occur.

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