The Importance of Leaving Dead Things Dead

The Importance of Leaving Dead Things Dead

You can’t move forward and welcome new things, experiences and people into your life if you are still giving time, emotions, attention and energy to the dead things from your past.

It is important to clear the space and energy so what you truly desire can have the room and space to enter. Otherwise, you may be blocking all of what you claim you want from entering into your life.

It could be a person. It could be a situation. It could be an experience. Whatever it is, life will give you an abundance of opportunities to teach you that some things are meant to die right where they lay. They are not meant to be revived.


All things from your past may not be completely dead. You have to look at the totality of the situation to determine if it is something that is worth breathing life into or if it is something that should simply be left there to die. If you live your life consciously, life will give you the signs you need to determine exactly how to proceed.

Many times what we do, despite seeing the signs, is determine what it is that we want and decide accordingly based on that fact alone. We do it in relationships. We do it in different situations. We do it based on different occurrences that happen in our lives.


Sometimes it’s not that your blessings are delayed. Sometimes it’s the people you keep around and the circumstances you keep living in that can be blocking your blessings. Until you are able and willing to shift your own life’s circumstances nothing else new will be ushered in.

Leave dead things dead. Run on to see what blessings and life lie ahead for you. It very well may be far greater than you could have ever imagined it would be holding on to the people, circumstances and things from your past.

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