Why Do I Do So Many Things?

Why Do I Do So Many Things?

One of the things I’ve heard a lot over my life from different people is – why do you do so many things? What’s interesting about that question to me is that it has never been a question I’ve asked myself, but only one that others have obviously wondered.

Over the course of my life, the varying experiences I’ve had as a singer, model, working in the financial world, being a reporter, real estate broker, lawyer, having varying businesses and now working on television just seems to have been a lot for many of the onwatchers to see.


I was raised by parents who believe in exposing their children to all that is possible in the world. That included exposure to as many opportunities as possible. And what was always instilled in me was the knowing that anything I decided to do and was willing to work for I could achieve.

I have been blessed in always knowing that my gifts and talents were varied. Some people are gifted in just one or two areas and others are gifted in many. For me, I knew I fell into the latter group. I believe you don’t allow people to put a period in your life where God has put a comma. That is a principal I have always lived by.

I believe in living life intuitively and going where I am led. No one knows what’s better for me and my life than I do. Fortunately for me, I’ve never been swayed or concerned with the opinions of others regarding what I’m suppose to be doing in my life or where I’m suppose to focus my time and energies. I just stay committed to my life’s purpose, my work and where I am being led to go. A life lived from this perspective is a far simpler one.

When you start to consume yourself with what others think about what you do and how you do it, you are leading yourself down a never ending rabbit hole. When you are concerned and consumed with others’ thoughts about you and opinions of how you should live your life, you lose focus on how to actually live your life for your highest good in the manner that is most desired and fulfilling for you.

When you focus solely on your desires, your goals, ambitions and are willing to do the necessary work to get you there, things begin to move on your behalf. Opportunities are revealed to you and your world begins to shift and change. Dreams begin to manifest. I am not suggesting that all of this happens overnight. But what I am suggesting is that if you are willing to do the work to get yourself there, you can begin to make anything happen.

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