The Problem With Trying to Make People Stay

The Problem With Trying to Make People Stay

Trying to make people stay is never a good idea – whether in personal relationships or in business. It’s not a good idea, because if people don’t know the value of who you are to them in their lives, you couldn’t possibly receive the best of what they can give you. I know this can be very difficult, particularly in personal matters, but you must know that who and what is for you is for you, and allowing someone to stay who can’t honor your highest self only does a disservice to you.

If someone is inclined to be without you, allow them. I don’t want anyone down for me when they no longer want to be and are just faking as if they are.


Obviously, there are situations where someone may just temporarily feel a certain way and want or need to go temporarily. That is not what I am talking about. I am referring to people who no longer desire to be with you as an employee, friend, loved one, family member or romantic partner.

Humans are often fickle. They will switch up on you very quickly, but when they have already made a decision to leave you, just let them go.

When you hold on to the waste of someone that does not want to be present, what you will get from them is nothing you’d want to possess. They will be disloyal, negative, problematic and frankly no longer of service to the wholeness of your well-being.

When this occurs, let them go! Don’t try to force them into something they no longer choose to be in. Send them off with love and peace. Wish them the best and prepare yourself for the arrival of something far greater that the universe will send your way.


Don’t allow fear to make you hold on, beg and plead for another day. Send them off now! Call forth the next being that is yet to instill blessings onto you. You cannot receive it when you are holding on to others for the reduced versions of what they’re choosing to offer you.

Be good to yourself, set them and yourself free. I promise you, there is far greater for you on the other side.

If you need some ideas on ways to be good to yourself, download my ebook, 10 Steps to Being Good to Yourself HERE.

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