The Importance of a Lifeline

The Importance of a Lifeline

We all have times in our lives when we’re just not feeling so great about things. It is part of the ebb and flow of life. The important thing to know is that during those moments you have a lifeline to reach out and hold on to.

You have to identify a resource for you to tap into that helps pull you through difficult times. It can allow you to have momentary breakthroughs to see that things are not nearly as bad as they seem.


Your lifeline can be an inspirational book. It can be a special place. It can be a specific person.

A lifeline should be a support system that helps to remind you that things will get better. It helps to support and elevate your level of thought so you know that this is but a moment in time.

Life can and will be very uncertain at times. There are times of despair. There are times of experiencing tremendous fears. There are times of excruciating traumas. Any and all of these times can allow someone to feel as if nothing will ever improve. People can feel as if they will never be able to push through that place. And that can be a terrifying space.


What is absolutely essential for you to understand is that these times will not always consume you. To the contrary, they are but moments in time. Don’t be in despair, don’t allow such a moment to penetrate your greater knowing. Knowing that your life destiny is far greater than what you can currently see. Hold on to faith – your breakthrough is just ahead of you.

Seek out a lifeline. Seek out a person, place, inspirational reading or organization to help pull you through your harder days. There is a better, higher reason for your being. Borrow my faith for you to help pull yourself through until you’re able to see it for yourself.

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