The Importance of Developing Into Your Wholeness

The Importance of Developing Into Your Wholeness

Being whole is not just a state of mind. It is developing and deciding to live in the fullness of all areas of your life. It does not mean that there isn’t work for you to do or places for you to grow, but what it does mean is that you are already filled to a critical level in all essential areas of your life.

Being truly whole prevents you from succumbing to the falsities that many people will attempt to sell you along the way. It will allow you to dig deeper knowing that your foundational well is already filled and you don’t need to seek permission nor approval from others to make you feel good and fulfilled within yourself.


When people are lacking in significant areas that is when they are most vulnerable to the actions, thoughts and opinions that others try to insert into their lives. That is when those people, either conscious or unconsciously, use the gaps, holes and shortcomings to manipulate what you may feel about yourself, think about yourself or even claim to know about yourself.

These spaces of emptiness may appear as insecurity, be grounded in fears or simply be incorrect thinking. But no matter what it is you must know that you can recover from whatever ails you if you are willing to acknowledge what exists and do the work to overcome it.

The work may look like therapy. You may need to focus on improving a particular area of your life or it can be connected to learning a different way of thinking. Whatever it may be, doing what is necessary to fill the gaps will be far more beneficial for you than trying to avoid what can ultimately draw great harm to you.


If you don’t feel as if you’re already whole, start working on the areas you think need improvement so you can build your own security wall that is unpenetrable for those who may try to prey on you, while you are on your way to completing your wholeness. Even those with good intentions can end up doing tremendous harm to you if you are vulnerable to particular actions and words that people send your way.

Always be open to working on and developing into your wholeness. It will serve you and your life in ways you cannot even imagine.

For more information on being whole by being good to yourself, download my ebook “10 Steps to Being Good to Yourself” here.

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