The Secret Power of Forgiveness

The Secret Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is good for the soul. There are a lot of things that can happen during our time here. Sometimes things can be done unintentionally to harm us.

There are times when things are done intentionally to us because of one’s pain, unconscious living or fear. But whatever the cause, it is important to forgive not only for others, but because there is a healing in the forgiveness for ourselves as well.

Many times when we are hurt we don’t want to forgive someone, because we feel as if the act of forgiving is the act of approval on some level for what has occurred. This is not the case at all, as the act of forgiveness can simply be the release of the negative power and energy regarding what has been done to us.


You do not have to even communicate the forgiveness to the individual. Acknowledging it to yourself can suffice.

When I refer to harmful acts, I am not referring to some of the most heinous acts done to others. That requires a different healing process if forgiveness is found at all.

When you forgive someone, you don’t have to continue to have them as part of your life. To the contrary, you can choose to never speak or interact with them again. It simply means that you release any power or control their action had over you.

When people are unwilling to offer forgiveness to others, often times they do more harm to themselves than to anyone else. The negativity that they’ve acquired goes deep into their being. Negativity cannot exist without causing some effect, pain or trauma to those who are holding on to it.


Dr. Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, you do better.” I have struggled with this quote over the years as Dr. Angelou is one of two people outside of my parents who have been the most influential people in my life. But I do believe there are times when people know better, but still do not do better.

Regardless of whether they know better or not, that is not my business. It is to do what is required to clear the path for myself and my destiny. And the path cannot be cleared if I can’t release forgiveness to people along the way.

It is essential to forgive others as there will come a time when we will have to be forgiven for our own actions. We will also have to offer forgiveness to ourselves.

Forgiveness for ourselves is crucial, because none of us are expected to live this life without making mistakes. We will all make many errors along the way. It is to be expected. And if you are not giving yourself the grace of forgiveness, you will undoubtedly stall your own growth on this journey called life.

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