Find Your Purpose

Find Your Purpose

One of the topics I get a lot of questions about is around finding your purpose. Many people find this to be an ever daunting task while others seem to know their purpose almost from birth.

Finding a purpose can help some people alleviate a lot of challenges and struggles in their lives, but others believe that once you discover it, being conscious of it has the potential to make your life a bit more complicated.

Your purpose is what drives you. It is what calls you higher. It is what makes you move daily and push through some of the greatest challenges and road blocks that without you may not feel so inclined to hurdle. Finding your purpose can be an ever evolving cycle. Some are able to find it very easily. For others, it takes a bit more time. But no matter what the road looks like to get there, it is your assignment to discover and connect with your divine purpose for being here.


For me, I have always known my purpose. At a very young age, I knew that my life would be used to help inspire, motivate and lift people from where they are to where they desire to be. This would play out for me in the worlds of music, media, law, business, personal development and now television.

The easiest way to discover your life purpose is to start by taking time to silence your world and your mind. Begin to give yourself the time and space you need to be in tune with the essential pieces of your self and your life. Then, just start listening, watching and following the signs that are ever present in your life to help you find your way.


Life will always give you signs. It is our job to receive them and to follow them. Your newly birthed purpose driven life will be grateful that you did.

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