Bloggers Take Over New York Fashion Week

Bloggers Take Over New York Fashion Week

This week is fashion week in New York City. This is where fashion meets the city and top designers come through showing their newest and latest designs to the industry and the public.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a fashion week event for influencers. Influencers are those people who have significant followings on social media platforms. Although not traditional celebrities, many of these people have gained tremendous notoriety and have an abundance of influence over their followers and fans. Many of these influencers are now sitting in the front rows of shows by highly sought after designers and are now rivaling retailers in the fashion world.



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The event I attended featured experts in the world of blogging as well as influencers themselves at all levels. From micro-influencers (under 100K followers) to macro-influencers (100K followers and over), there were people at all levels sharing their experiences and some of their challenges.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a blogger in any field, one of the things you need to know for sure is that you must have consistency.

Just like everything else in life, consistency is required to create anything that lasts. Whether you want to feature the latest fashions or homes and architecture, consistency is key so your readers know they can look to you for regular content and information on the topic.

To build consistency requires a great amount of time and energy creating content. Consistent appealing photographs and writing are among the elements that are required to create a successful blog.

Brands have been putting millions of dollars behind bloggers for years. Bloggers have completely changed the marketing game. Some blogs gross upwards of millions of dollars from the marketing and sales on their platforms.



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Many retailers are going the route of creating employees that are now influencers. Equinox and Macy’s are among two large brands to start doing so. Because influencers share their world with those on their platforms, these companies have started to use their own staff members to create similar relationships with the public. However, since they are employees, they can be controlled in a way that regular bloggers cannot.

With bloggers becoming such a force, not only in fashion, but in retail across the board, it will be very interesting to see what happens with traditional marketing as the field of blogging continues to explode.

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