The Top 3 Reasons Why Travel Should Be an Essential Part of Your Life – Part 1

The Top 3 Reasons Why Travel Should Be an Essential Part of Your Life – Part 1

Traveling is good for the soul. It allows you to get out of your own world, your own space and your own head. It grants you the opportunity to see what’s possible in your own life by viewing what is possible in others.

Depending on where you travel, you can experience a world that doesn’t even remotely look similar to yours. One that can inspire a new level of living. A new level of being.

These are the top 3 reasons why travel should be an essential part of your life:

1. It Will Expand Your Mind

Traveling allows you to see how other people live, other people’s experiences and other people’s perspectives.

When you leave your environment and go to a new one, it allows you to see things differently in a way you weren’t able to see before. You can experience different cultures, lifestyles and ways of living. You can experience different religions, cultures and mindsets.


Whenever I travel, I am excited to see and experience what I have yet to learn. An environment totally and completely foreign to the one I know.

For some, this can be fearful – to be removed from their comfort zone. But I believe that it allows you to see if your comfort zone is really not worth leaving. Perhaps for you it is, but you will never truly know unless you see and learn another way, which will allow you to test the one you have and measure it up with the one you choose to live.


For others, it’s like the air that allows us to thrive. I have friends who literally work just to travel. They come home, back to the US, to work really hard for three months in preparation for them to travel to some far away place for a month or two at a time. The beautiful thing is that we live in a world that allows us to do this fairly freely.

A plane ride away can change everything that you thought you once knew and open you up to a new higher way of being.

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