Why Charleston Will Always Be Special To Me – Part 2

Why Charleston Will Always Be Special To Me – Part 2

Charleston is one of the top wedding destination cities in the country. One of the reasons is because of the charm and uniqueness of the city. There are a great number of lovely locations throughout the city where people love to be photographed. With its cobblestone streets and beautiful backdrops, you can find an abundance of areas in the city that provides an amazing scene.




If I have a free day in Charleston, one of the places I’m definitely heading to is Waterfront Park. It doesn’t matter what city I am in, if there is water, I will soon find my way there. Charleston has an abundance of water whether you go to one of their many beaches or you go to the river, there is no shortage of water that you can enjoy there.

I love sitting on one of the swinging benches in the park and just looking at the views. Sometimes while there, I meditate, pray or just write for hours. No matter what activity I do, I always find amazing peace there.



Another one of my favorite things to do while in Charleston is to run the Ravenel Bridge. The Ravenel Bridge is the longest cable stay bridge in the Western Hemisphere. It is so beautiful to look at whether it’s daytime or nighttime. And so amazing when you are running or walking across it. Running is one of the greatest joys of my life and whenever I’m traveling I always look for the best places to run. The Ravenel Bridge is definitely my favorite place to do it in Charleston.

One of the most special places to me in Charleston that I greet as soon as I arrive and right before I leave is the space at Charleston International Airport that has been designated as a memorial to the Emanuel 9 who were heinously killed there a few years ago. There is a lovely room there created as a tribute to those who lost their lives with memorabilia from that day and heartfelt photographs by Dan Xeller depicting the city and its people during the aftermath.

With its gospel music softly playing, it is one of the most sacred spaces in Charleston to me. And I always go in, upon my arrival and when I leave, to say a little prayer for us all.



For all these reasons and more, Charleston is, and will always be, a very special place to me.

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